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Codey Steele's been hot for Mikey's mom Jaclyn Taylor since high school|so when his buddy runs late for gym plans|Codey naturally accepts her invitation to hang out. But when she offers him a massage for that pain in his shoulder|Codey admits he would rather to see a chiropractor or osteopath. When Jaclyn insists that she is a professional masseuse|Codey confesses it would be awkward|because she's Mikey's mom. Jaclyn assures him|she massages all of Mikey's friends. Codey finally concedes|reticent but excited. He's jerked off to Jaclyn on many occasions. A massage from her sure would be nice. But Codey's not expecting a naked massage covered in stringy lube. She calls it Nuru Gel|and spreads it across his back and all over her body. She slinks on top of him working out his kinks|and his cock stiffens under her weight and wetness. She wants him to do as she says|because she's Mikey's mom. She wants his cock in her mouth. Then|slurping his cock with her magnificent lips|she tells him to fuck her pussy|or she'll tell his mom he's been a bad boy. And he's not allowed to cum until he begs. Pumping her pussy with his thick cock|he begs her to drain the cum from his balls. She fucks his cock with her MILF pussy and he cums hard! Jaclyn Taylor, Codey Steele