The Runaway: Part One|Scene #01 Free Hot Pics

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Having enough with her father's drinking problem and constant need to put her down|Jessa Rhodes packs everything she can carry and runs away from home. Not having eaten in days|she looks through Cherie Deville's trash|looking for anything she can eat. Cherie is sunbathing outside when she hears rummaging in her back yard. Quickly|she runs in the back|catching Jessa on her private property. No way is this going to work with Cherie|grabbing her by the arm and looking for an explanation. Jessa explains that she is homeless|a runaway from an unstable home. Cherie thinks she's too pretty to be homeless and proposes she stay with her in her huge home|keeping her company to fill her void of loneliness she so desperately wanted to mend. But Cherie has one exception|Jessa must pretend she's her daughter|a fantasy she always wanted to come alive!

Jessa is lured into Cherie's deepest fantasy|a beautiful girl calling her mommy. They kiss in passion Cherie removing Jessa's dirty clothes|caressing her tiny boobs|promising she will take great care of her. Jessa hops onto the couch|extends her legs for mommy to relish. She spreads Jessa's pink pussy lips sticking her tongue inside of her|sucking|licking her clit until she spasms with pleasure. Jessa is at Cherie's command|instructed to love every inch of her new mommy's body. She removes Cherie's shoes|licking every toe one by one|and fills her pussy finger fucking her mother into pure orgasmic heaven!

To be continued! Cherie DeVille, Jessa Rhodes