The Senator's Speech: Part One|Scene #01 Free Hot Pics

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The time has come for change in America and one Senator has vowed her life to make things change once and for all|her name? Bianca Breeze. But we all know that politicians fill our minds and hearts with empty promises|and Bianca is no exception. Done with her flamboyant speech|she sits down with her assistant Abby Cross demanding solutions to their failing campaign. Abby suggests bringing in reporter Georgia Jones who's been dying for an interview|which|apparently is their best strategy to keep good ties with the republicans.

Abby talks away|trying to figure out a plan|yet she is unaware of Bianca's lesbian intentions to seduce her assistant's naive mind in getting everything she wants|including an interview with Georgia under her own terms. Bianca orders Abby to help her remove her bra and necklace|in order to reassure her boss that she can trust her with her expert back rubs. Abby is Bianca's pet|obliged to do exactly what Bianca wants|sexually satisfying her to the fullest extent.

Bianca orders Abby to do everything she asks|to which she complies|Abby opens her mouth filling herself with the softness of Bianca's pussy. Bianca lays on the bed instructing Abby to remove her silky pantie-hose and high heels|and massage her toes with her mouth. Abby licks away at Bianca's hairy pussy. She drenches her big pussy lips with saliva rubbing her insides|emitting epic simultaneous squirting orgasms. Bianca becomes crazy with sexual urge|squirting in Abby's mouth|chest and face over and over again. Bianca grabs Abby|stretching her legs wide apart|and takes her tender pussy into her mouth|stimulating her clit and asshole|while watching her cry in orgasmic ecstasy!

To be continued! Abby Cross, Bianca Breeze